Baton Tape - Recommendations

June 14, 2018

Although twirling with a "naked" baton is most impressive, sometimes twirlers opt for tape. This ranges from a small piece of tape to mark the baton's middle point all the way to 3/4 or more of the baton taped. 


Some tape is for show, and some tape is for grip. Judges all around have agreed minimal tape should be used for competition, but for field twirling, there are differing opinions. 




You'll see many twirlers pick up and liberally use prism tape. You can find HERE if you want a fancy or fun look to your baton. Although this doesn't completely help with grip, it is the most colorful way to decorate a baton. 




One reason I love Starline Baton is because they sell everything you need for twirling in one place. They are wonderful sponsors to top twirlers, and they keep our batons looking great in the air or in our hand. They make a great tape specially for batons called Twirl Grip. You can order it HERE. Also, we don't receive anything from Starline - we just love their products and the people who work there! 













You read that right! The first time I ever saw this was in college, and my coach at the time would contact Wilson (the Tennis goods company) and ask for a donation of tennis tape. We would send them a picture each year with our sincerest appreciation as the tape helped us through many sweaty practices and 100+ degree heat in Arizona. The tradition caught on and many twirlers use this tape now for grip. They come in many bright colors as well, so don't limit yourself to grey or black! My personal favorite is hot pink. I have the best luck finding this at Academy Sports and Outdoors. I have seen it in the sports section of WalMart and Target, but they don't always have a huge selection of colors. 





I haven't used electrical tape in years, however, if you are looking to tape off the middle of the baton, especially for beginning students, this is a great tool. You can pick it up in any hardware store, Wal Mart, or Target, and you'll have plenty to last for years. 


What are your opinions on taping the baton? What are some examples of tape being useful or not useful? Let us know!